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Newsies: Nederlander Theatre (NYC)


Written by: Chrissi

Recently, I traveled to New York City for a work conference and was able to fly out a few days early to visit friends, wander the city, and catch a show!

If I had all the time and money in the world I would go to NYC and sit in theaters watching shows. Alas, this was not the lot I was dealt, so I was tasked with the selection of one show for this trip. The group I was with gave a communal ‘yes’ to Newsies, so Newsies it was. Our first go at tickets involved a trip to the TKTS booth in Times Square. Before we went to the booth we had decided on a price we were willing to pay, and unfortunately we walked up to the booth to find that the ticket price was beyond what we had wanted to pay. This put us in a tough place. I was in NYC, I couldn’t leave without seeing a show! The guy behind the glass window at the TKTS booth suggested we give the theater itself a try, so to the theater we went. As we walked up to the theater the skies parted and a single light shone down onto a table containing slips of paper and a lottery cage. (That’s how I remember it anyway…) We asked the man behind the table what the deal was and he explained that they have a lottery before shows for $30 tickets. (!!) Typically they have around 200 people who have a try at the lottery, but that night there were ten of us. That meant we were all guaranteed tickets. (!!!) So that night I saw Newsies. On Broadway. For $30.

Ok, here are my thoughts.

Honestly, it blew my expectations out of the water. Knowing this was a Disney production, I anticipated that it would be well done, but was hesitant whether or not it would have any substance. It was a kid-friendly show, and it had the occasional cheesy moment, but it was believable. Corey Cott as Jack Kelly effortlessly sang, danced, and acted while running up and down three sets of stairs. Also, this is his Broadway debut! Say whaaaat?! He has an amazing future ahead of him. Really, the entire cast was outrageously talented. It’s no wonder the show won the 2012 Tony for best choreography. If you have the opportunity to catch it when visiting NYC, I highly suggest it!


Some friends, Alyssa & Andrea gambling, Broadway style.

Side note: I don’t know ifI ever mentioned this, but my Pumps & Playbills counterpart, Karyn, moved to Denver in June. Sad, I know. 😦 Well, she happened to be in NYC at the same time (crazy, I know) so we had a long-awaited reunion which included catching Newsies!

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