Hansel & Gretel: Minnesota Opera

all the kidsMinnesota Opera’s production of Hansel & Gretel is perfectly timed between Halloween and the Christmas season. This colorful opera is shorter than the typical opera (around 2 hours) making it a great introduction to opera for the kids in your life.witch clown

This particular production of Engelbert Humberdinck’s Hansel and Gretel is set in the early 20th century with inspiration from classic Hollywood glamour and fun carnival colors. Once again, Minnesota opera delivers on all counts. Beautiful costuming, whimsical lighting, and creative sets served as the perfect support to top-notch performers. One of the greatest attributes in this opera was the addition of dancers from the Zenon Dance Company. From a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers inspired dream scene to sequin-clad acrobats, the addition of dance offered seamless transitions and helped portray the tempo of the production. Additionally, one of my favorite aspects were the fantastic project opera singers! The kids sang beautifully and acted well!

This was a satisfyingly lovely production. I highly recommend indulging in this great production. I suppose I could discuss this further, but for this one, I’d rather keep things short and sweet. 😉

creepy carnival dancers


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