To Kill a Mockingbird: Park Square Theatre



We had a great opportunity to catch To Kill a Mockingbird performed at Park Square Theatre during one of the few public performances. Unfortunately, the only way to see it now is during one of the student matinees, which are performed through May 17. The play was based on Harper Lee’s classic novel, and translated well as a stage production. If you are able to make it, expect a great performance of the story you know well.

While this was not the most innovative production, it was well done and definitely a great supplement to the classroom and exposure to live theatre for students. I was impressed by Fred Wagner’s performance as Atticus, not to mention the great performances by the younger members of the cast, Olivia Coon (Scout), Noah Coon (Jem), & Ben Atmore (Dill). A Park Square favorite, Thomasina Petrus also left us all wishing that this was a musical adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird in which her character, Calpurnia, had a much larger role. (In other words, Thomasina is a very talented singer.) There was also a great twist of some intermission entertainment in the form of quality gospel songs performed by members of the cast.

If you missed To Kill a Mockingbird this time around, Park Square tends to cycle this one every few seasons, so definitely check back!


Even a snowstorm in April couldn’t stop us from seeing Park Square Theatre’s production of Christopher Sergel’s play, To Kill A Mockingbird. Most people have seen and/or read this classic book/movie/play so I won’t bore you with the plot details (feel free to Wikipedia it). Overall, the production was good but missed the tiny details that make a production great. The play is set in the 1930s during the Great Depression, yet the overalls worn by the cast were brand new. Shouldn’t clothes worn by farmers in the Great Depression be dirty and worn in the knees?!?! Luckily, this detail didn’t hinder me from enjoying some great acting.

Olivia Coon (Scout) and Noah Coon (Jem) acted with the innocence of a child but the experience of an adult. Expect great things from these two kids in the future! Fred Wagner (Atticus) is no stranger to the Park Square stage and he did a phenomenal job. Joel Raney (Bob Ewell), Warren C. Bowles (Reverend Sykes), and Thomasina Petrus (Calpurnia) all gave strong performances. I especially enjoyed the church choir singing. It provided a break from the heavy topics of the show, while adding to the story.

Come see the great acting at Park Square! And make sure to wear your pumps!



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